After transplant, Gillis working to promote organ donation . . . Record year in Quebec

After undergoing a kidney transplant, Stephen Gillis is back in his comfort zone as he coaches his minor hockey team in Vancouver. (Photo: Stephen Gillis/Facebook)

Stephen Gillis underwent a kidney transplant on Feb. 18 at Vancouver General Hospital. Since then, he has done a number of media appearances in Canada and the U.S. On Sunday, he spent some time on SportsTalk 1240, a New York City radio station.

Afterwards, Gillis posted on Facebook:

“Big thanks to my friend Gary Harding and his co-host Gil Martin for having me as their guest on SportsTalk1240 in New York City (Sunday) night to discuss my journey with kidney disease, the miracle of transplant, and the importance of organ donation.

“Take a listen and spread the word. In B.C., it is as simple as going to and takes 30 seconds to become an organ donor. Your gift may lead to saving up to 8 lives.”

They also took time to preview Tuesday night’s matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders.

You are able to find it all right here.


Gillis and his donor, Michael Teigen, also made an appearance on CTV Atlantic News, and you are able to watch that right here.


On Saturday, Gillis was on Facebook explaining why he has been so active in the short period since his transplant:

“Eleven days post-kidney transplant and I ran practice on the ice with my blades on for the first time since surgery this morning. Some may say I am ‘overdoing it’; however my mentality is that of ‘overcoming it’.

“I choose to overcome my struggles. Four major surgeries later, I have developed a keen sense of what I need to do to recover and part of that is slowly, in baby steps, getting back to my regular life (within reason).

“For those worried, I hardly skated nor was physical, and I will be locked on the sofa resting the rest of the day. Honestly, other than the hospital or at the rink a couple of days I am on the sofa bingeing shows, resting, and eating good.

“I have welcomed ‘HERCULES’ (my new kidney) to my body and meditate daily on how every cell/organ/tissue needs to welcome him as well. He’s on our team now!

“That being said, mental health is an important part of recovery too. In small steps you need to do what you love. Hockey/coaching is one of, if not the, major passions in my life. Take that from me and my mental health declines that slow the healing process. So I am excited to be back with the team for an hour or two then back to resting and good food. This is a part of my recovery process.

“A privilege to be home on the ice today with Van Minor Atom A1, thanks to Michael (my donor/hero), and back near the greatest game in the world.”


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