Ferris update: Kidney transplant scheduled for this morning (Dec. 30) . . . Mom says Ferris has been “chatting up a storm” and “winning hearts” . . .

Ferris Backmeyer looks rather content on the evening before she is scheduled to have a long-awaited kidney transplant. (PHOTO: Lindsey Backmeyer)

Ferris Backmeyer, the young girl from Kamloops who is in need of a kidney transplant, is scheduled for exactly that at some point this morning.

Her mother, Lindsey, revealed that on Facebook late Tuesday night.

“She’s slated for first thing (Wednesday) morning,” Lindsey wrote, “and for once I don’t think she’s gonna get bumped!! Feelin all the feels.

“I’d be lying if I said I’m not terribly anxious about how things might go (Wednesday). There is a huge team of people behind her right now. They have told us she’s not straight forward and there’s so many possibilities of what might happen. . . . Anesthesia plans on leaving her intubated and taking her to the PICU. I’m confident she’s gonna show them how well she can do and the tube will be short-lived!!”

Ferris, who is almost four, has been doing dialysis for almost all of her life. The phone call saying a kidney was available came on Tuesday at 1 a.m. Ferris and her parents, Lindsey and Pat, drove to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver later in the day.

Late Tuesday night, Lindsey posted on Facebook that it had been a long day.

“Still awake! Running on fumes,” she wrote. “Overall I have to say today went way better than how I had envisioned it when I got the call at 1 a.m.

“Ferris just rolls with the punches. Lives in the now. Tolerates all the things so well I can’t help but be proud of her. She rocked the IV start . . . not so much the lab draw that came shortly after. She had multiple ultrasounds, X-rays, Covid swab, ECG, the IV, labs and another poke for her Darbepoetin. It was a solid 4 hours of back to back things.

“She’s been chatting up a storm and winning the hearts of anyone that comes to do the things!! Showing her tummy off to anyone who asks!! Haha.”

According to Lindsey, Ferris is “just in such a sweet spot right now and I don’t think there’s gonna be a better time! I’m super optimistic and mostly really excited!! I’m praying that tonight is our last night of PD for a very long time!!

“You got this girl!!”


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