Billboards paid off for Calgary teacher. . . . Hemodialysis patients enjoying some exercise

Ryan McLennan, a teacher in Calgary, needed a kidney. So his wife mounted a billboard campaign. . . . Tony Timmons, a FedEx driver, saw one of the billboards. . . . Timmons, originally from Gander, Nfld., answered the call. . . . Shawn Logan of Postmedia has the entire story — and it’s a good one — right here.

I have been hearing about people doing hemodialysis and getting some exercise at the same time for a year or so now. I’m thinking this is going to become more and more common in dialysis units.

Facing The Facts About Organ Donation 2019

From the website “If you’re waiting for a kidney transplant, or have had one in the past, or if you’re a kidney donor yourself, please feel free to contact us if you would like to participate in our photo project. We would love to meet you!” 


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